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Welcome to Go-V! We produce handmade vegan food for all occasions!


Freshly made food to order from our Vegan kitchen! 

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Once upon a time.....

once upon a time there was a newly made vegan who was fed up with paying lots of ‘vegan tax’ for dreary food. This newly made vegan enjoyed ‘veganising’ recipes from the ridiculously large cookery book collection they had which was filling a void in their life. This is sort of how Go-V! was born but lots of stuff had to happen before it became the fledgling it is today......

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Here at Go-V! we‘re passionate about making delicious vegan food 

Our ingredients are fresh and exciting and we source locally when we can and we are proud to support The Muddy Fork Project based at the Idle Valley Nature Reserve in Retford. This wonderful Charity helps those needing support with physiological wellbeing

We specialise in events and pop ups!

We roast our pumpkin seeds in Tamari, delicious, crunchy and full of wonderful minerals

Our Story

Go-V! was started as a very small idea in our kitchen at home. We wanted to be able to offer nice vegan food at really reasonable prices. 

A couple of years on we gave up our jobs and rented a production kitchen on the beautiful Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. 

We now have a little vegan takeaway in Retford, it;s quirky and we love it!

2019 sees us moving on and establishing ourselves in the world of events and the popular 'pop up' trend 

We will always stick to our core principal that plant based food need not be boring or expensive! 

We are still growing and learning and we exist because of our wonderful customers, something that we will always remember! 


Our Mission

We run our business according to our personal values. Well sourced ingredients made into tasty food.  

This is important to us

Human Rights - we’ve checked our ingredients out

We recognise our responsibility to buy, produce and sell our products in an ethical manner. We  have a very considered  approach to respecting human rights and tackling labour exploitation  regarding  the ingredients we use. 

We make sure that the Ethical Trading Policies of our larger suppliers match our values  and that they check that their supply chains prohibit the use of child labour and human exploitation.

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Handmade Vegan Food for all Occassions

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Please see our facebook page for reviews here are some of the lovely things people have said!

I ordered a £20 selection for my daughters vegan friend who was stopping a few days. Wow! What a selection of meals, snacks, cupcakes, jelly, chocolates. She was so pleased and loved everything. So much lovely food - all us non vegans were jealous!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  The £10 bags are an awesome idea and I loved my first delivery today. The kids stole all the buns but there were lots of 'mmmmm' sounds, the banana cake was gorgeous and the tiny bit of peanut butter chocolate thing that I got before my 2 year old robbed off with it was seriously nice.   I'll be ordering again 

Amazing local business. Fresh home cooked cruelty free food delivered to your door. Not only is it healthy and delicious but you get so much for your money!! Well impressed

Visited you at Retford market today and tried the lemon cake slice, and a fruit and custard tart, and some chocolates. All delicious and amazing value for money. The lemon cake was my most favourite, so tasty!!

Thank you Tracey for such an amazing birthday cake you made and home delivery too. It was the highlight of our celebration meal where vegans and non-vegans were asking for more. We also loved your sweet and savoury food we bought from you last week from your stall at the hub. You are amazing

Absolutely fantastic treats � A guilt free way to enjoy a treat or two! You can't even tell they're Vegan which is something that can be quite rare. Highly recommend

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Top tips and recipes

onion and garlic!

Some quick nutritional wins we use! 

Choose red onions over white onions as they have more antioxidants and flavonoids which are anti inflammatory.

Crush or chop garlic as it releases allinase that helps in formation of allicin, (a healthy organic sulphur compound that reduces inflammation). After chopping or crushing leave for ten minutes before cooking to allow for maximum benefit 💚

vegan power bars recipe

Here’s a very easy recipe for these ‘ooh they’re nice’ plant power bars..

Makes about 8; 

Melt these👇🏼

125g almond butter (or any nut butter mixed with peanut butter is nice)

150g date syrup

50g coconut oil

Mix that with these 👇🏼

155g oats

25g any plant protein powder (we used 10g hemp powder and 15g chai seed) 

50g smashed up nuts 

25g pumpkin seeds 

25g pumpkin seeds 

Put it in a tin it won’t stick to and bake for about 20 mins in a hottish oven, leave to cool, eat it then send us a pic of you climbing Kilimanjaro💚